How to make a Feng Shui Wealth Bowl

How to make a Feng Shui Wealth Bowl

Different practices have different names and versions of these bowls but I’m going to show you the steps to make one specifically for Feng Shui.


First step: choosing your bowl

When choosing your bowl you want it to be big enough to hold all your items easily.

Using a bowl made from glass, ceramic, metal, crystal or wood is recommended. If using crystal or glass be sure that it’s not completely transparent. 

Be sure to cleanse your bowl and set your intentions before moving onto step 2.

Second step: starting your base layer

Your first layer should consist of crystals, rocks or beads made of glass. I personally like to use Citrine and Aventurine crystal chips and add larger tumbles of tigers eye, pyrite and more citrine.

Third step: the herb layer

I personally like to add groud cinnamon and all spice to my bowls for this layer but you can also include basil, mint and patchouli.

Fourth step: the final layer

On this layer you want to seal your intentions and decorate using abundance attracting object. Add bay leaves with the intentions you want from the bowl written on them. Add a feng shui money tree for the attraction of wealth and prosperity. Add money coins of Feng shui coins and an extra cinnanon stick.

And just like that you are finished! Now you want to place that into one of your wealth corners and allow the wealth, abundance and prosperity flow into your life.


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