Product Care

How to care for your new art piece:

Resin Care:

When styling your new decor piece there is THREE areas your resin piece SHOULD NOT be placed in:

- in direct sunlight

- near heaters or open flames 

- in any spot where the product temperature can raise above 40degrees

Once the resin is cured it is completely safe to have around your home, however if reheated after curing your product can deform from its original shape, lose colour vibrancy and in some cases give off toxic fumes (extreme heat cases)

When cleaning your resin piece, just use a feather duster or micro fibre cloth to remove any dust. Should your piece get dirty clean with a cold damp cloth and buff with a micro fibre cloth. Avoid using any cleaning agents or chemicals as this can effect the finish of the resin.

Wood Care:

In our collections we only use Acacia wood.

Any acacia wood products should NOT be placed in direct sunlight or damp areas. When cleaning your wood pieces use a cold damp cloth and leave to air dry. Season occasionally with vegetable oil to keep it looking like new. 

Our products are not dishwasher safe and should not be left to soak. Avoid using cleaning agents or chemicals as this will affect the finish of the resin and wood.

Accident do occur so if something happens to your decor piece please get in touch and I will do my absolute best to resolve the problem.